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About Us In Northampton, MA

For over 26 years Pro Lube Auto Center has been offering great service. What is the secret to our success... honest, equal and fair service from experts.

Meet John Richi

John Richi opened Pro Lube Auto Center in August of 1990. He has had intensive training in Sun Electric, Chrysler drivability diagnostics, Ford drivability diagnostics, General Motors drivability diagnostics, Asian drivability diagnostics, Standard Ignition diagnostics, Quick diagnostics, emission diagnostics, Murray Air conditioning diagnostics & repair, Bendix brake systems repair & anti lock diagnosis and repair. In addition, John Richi has spent the past 26 years working hands-on with our multiple customers - keeping their cars running well and providing them excellent service.
John Richi is a lifetime resident of Northampton, and attended Northampton public schools and the University of Massachusetts.

The Pro Lube Guarantee

What happens when you get your car fixed...and then a few months later you're driving through Pennsylvania and what you got fixed, breaks? It happens.
Defective Parts, Usually are the Cause. You can pay to get it fixed again at a Pennsylvania shop. You can have it towed back home. Or ..... if you have the work done at Pro Lube , where we guarantee the work for 18 months or 18 thousand miles, for most repairs you can go to a Pennsylvania shop and have the work done under warranty.
Because Pro Lube now belongs to a nationwide network....a brotherhood of honest, competent auto technicians, just like the us, who have pledged to back each other up.
Yes, Pro Lube, Northampton's humble quick oil change place, now has you covered nationwide. Statistically, it's rare that you'll ever have any problem. But if you do, and you're beyond the Valley, why not protect yourself from paying twice?
When you do have a part replaced by Pro Lube, make sure you keep the warranty which we give to you in your vehicle. You will need this if anything ever happens outside the area.