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State Inspections & Auto Services In Northampton, MA


Full Service Oil Change

  • Old oil is drained and replaced with up to 5 quarts of "Mobil Clean" oil
  • New, Mighty oil filter installed
  • All underhood fluids are filled and topped off
  • Tire pressure is checked and set
  • Vehicle is vacuumed
  • Front and rear outside windows cleaned
  • Mobil One Synthetic oil available at additional charge

Automatic Transmission Flush

Old transmission fluid drained and replaced with up to 16 quarts of Mercon/Dexron III.
We use the Flow Dynamics T2000+ machine to provide automatic transmissions with a virtual transfusion. Over 95% of the old fluid is exchanged.

Fuel System Cleaning Service

We provide a de-carbonizing treatment to remove carbon from the combustion chambers, clean the injectors and provide an oil additive to treat the lifters. This service reduces NOX emissions and is also helpful to facilitate passing a state emissions inspection. This is an excellent preventive maintenance service that also helps to smooth the idle quality on a vehicle.

GearBox Services

We are equipped to service standard and automatic transmissions and transfer cases. It is important to drain or evacuate old lubricants and replace with fresh lubricants according to manufacturer's scheduled maintenance for optimal gear box performance.

Cooling System Service

We use a state of the art Coolant Exchange machine to remove old coolant and install new, premixed antifreeze. While we re-cycle old coolant, only new antifreeze is used for reinstallation into vehicles.

Computer Diagnostics

We have the state of the art equipment, training and an information system to diagnose and repair most all vehicles on the road today. We use a Sun 450 Engine Scope together with a SnapOn Computer Scanner to diagnose vehicles. We have on hand up to date American, European and Asian software to assist in all diagnostic and repair work.

Brake Service

Our standard brake service includes new premium pads or shoes, cleaning and preparation of all mounting surfaces, lubrication of caliper slides, backing plate pad and contact points, machining of rotors or drums with our Bean Brake lathe and re-packing of wheel bearings, if required. All brake work is road tested for your safety.

Front End

We have the capability to repair front ends and suspension systems including ball joints, control arms, tie rods, steering boxes and racks, shocks, and struts.

Air Conditioning Services

In addition to re-charging air conditioning systems, we also perform all related repairs including compressor, condensers, evaporators, and other functions of the air conditioning system.

Dynamic Wheel Balancing

We remove each wheel and place the wheel on our Wheel Balancer. This service reduces or eliminates steering wheel shimmy, prevent front end shaking and assists in extending the life of your tires.

Light Bulb Replacement

We have headlights, tail lights, directional lights, dome lights …. you get the idea! We can replace most bulbs, while you wait, with no appointment.

Serpentine Belt Replacement

We stock most sizes of serpentine belts. It is always a good idea to have us inspect the belts for possible replacement, to avoid a breakdown.


We stock Mastercraft tires by Cooper Tire Company in most popular sizes. We can also quote on most other brands.


We can repair or replace the clutch on any standard transmission.

Tune Ups

Tune ups are our specialty. We are also able to perform manufacturer’s scheduled warranty maintenance to insure your automobile warranty is always in effect.


We service most standard and automatic transmissions. We can also provide re-manufactured or used transmissions for effective cost savings.

Starters/ Alternators/ Batteries

We can test the starter, battery or alternator for efficiency and effectiveness and if necessary, install a high quality replacement.

Cooling Systems

We diagnose and repair engine cooling systems. We repair or replace water pumps, electrical cooling fans, hoses and belts and of course, perform radiator flushes.


We replace most any fluid, including transmission oils, engine oils, gear box oils, power steering fluids, brake fluids, differential fluids, transfer case fluids and washer fluids.

Cabin Air Filtration

Many vehicles made since 1998 have replaceable filters in the heating and air conditioning systems. They need to be changed on a regular basis to avoid stale odors inside the cabin.

Scheduled Maintenance

The easiest way to avoid large repair bills is to maintain your vehicle according to your car manufacturer’s schedule. We can perform most all scheduled maintenance items in order to protect your vehicle and its warranty.

State Inspections

We are licensed to perform state vehicle inspections for all vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight of less than 10,000 pounds. Our inspection hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM and Saturday, 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. We do not take appointments for state inspections.

Timing Belts and Chains

Timing belt replacement is crucial to keeping you vehicle reliable. If your timing belt breaks, your vehicle then breaks down and in some models, costly engine damage can occur. Have your timing belt replaced according to your manufacturer’s guidelines.